Offices in Danville, Martinsville and South Boston, Virginia
Piedmont Day Surgery Center Overview
The removal of the foreskin that covers the head of the penis
The insertion of a small scope via the urethra to examine for abnormalities within the bladder such as stones or tumors
Non-invasive treatment for kidney stones utilizing an acoustic pulse to "break-up" the stone thus allowing the patient to pass the stone
The collection of tissue from the kidney to examine for abnormalities such as kidney disease
The collection of prostate tissue to examine for abnormalities such as cancer
An elective surgical sterilization procedure for men
Testing of bladder function for patients with enlarged prostate glands and incontinence (urine leakage)
Treatment for incontinence (urine leakage)
Removal of small lesions/tissue via excision from penis or foreskin with use of local anesthesia
Removal of cells or tissue from the bladder to be tested for cancer